Nuggets: Iccle printer ain't fast but it's very portable/cute?

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Written by Justin Pearse, Contributor

Small, cute, but just a tad slow... bless!

Brother has launched what it reckons is the world's smallest portable colour inkjet printer. The MP-21C is 300x50.5x106mm and weighs 1kg. You don't even have the extra bulk of batteries or a separate power supply to worry about as it takes its power from your laptop's PCMCIA slot, which we think is pretty darn nifty.

No need to panic about the drain on your battery either as average power consumption is only 2.5W when printing. The only price you pay for portability is lack of speed - the MP-21C can only manage 2 pages a minute, which admittedly isn't very fast at all, although it does offer resolutions up to 720dpi.

An optional mains adapter and parallel interface cable are available if you want to put it to work as a regular desktop printer, although you probably won't if you want those letters printed this week! Available from May 1st for £249.

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