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Written by Justin Pearse, Contributor

More than a ballpoint...

The C-Pen Handheld Digital Assistant from PPCP is a cute little device that allows you to scan and store printed text. After running the pen across text you can view it on the mini LCD display -- complete with search and edit functions -- then transfer it to your PC via the infrared link. Very James Bond init?

Inside this little wonder is a tiny digital camera, built-in processor and 8MB of memory - enough for up to 3000 pages of text. Text can be uploaded from a PC, and there's a built-in address book with enough room for around 1000 entries. PPCP say that the C-Pen is aimed at people like doctors and lawyers, but I reckon there's hundred of really useful things you could use this for. Like, erm, scanning in business cards...?

Available from May 1 for £295.

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