Nuggets: Marvellous Mitsubishi monitors

Display magic from MitsubishiMitsubishi's latest two display offerings set out to cover both ends of the market.
Written by Justin Pearse, Contributor

Starting at the bottom, for those of you with far better things to do with your money than splash out on monitors, is the £109 15-inch CRT Diamond Scan 50.

This has an OSD (On Screen Display), a Shadowmask tube -- a mask that acts to block the electron beam from striking the wrong phosphors in a CRT -- to increase screen definition. It also features mini-neck technology to keep down power consumption.

Getting a little monitorily anal, so to speak, you get a 0.28mm dot pitch, a 30-70 kHz horizontal scanning range, and 1280x1024 resolution at a refresh rate of 65Hz.

If you fancy something slightly flashier, you could take a gander at the Diamond Pro 2040u CRT monitor. This boasts a 22-inch flat screen developed with the company's proprietary glass system. It's uses a glass tempering process to increase the strength of the glass, while at the same time bringing its weight down by about 10 percent over normal glass. Apparently.

The fascinating tech specs are a 0.24mm grille pitch, 30-121 kHz horizontal scanning range, 240 MHz video clock frequency, and resolution of 2048x1536 at a refresh rate of 75Hz.

It also features a self-powered internal USB hub. All that will set you back a total of £679.

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