Nuggets: Metacreations Poser 4 gets beefed-up

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Written by Justin Pearse, Contributor

Poser 4 gets ethnic diversity

MetaCreations' Poser 4 is the latest version of its figure posing and character animation tool. It basically lets you create posed and animated human and animal figures and add them to your paper or Web based creations.

This latest version includes what it calls 'cupboards' full of clothing to dress up your animated beings and bottom up figure 'sculpting'. To give that hand-drawn touch to figures, MetaCreations has added a natural-media Sketch Renderer tool. Advanced texturing features, such as transparency and reflectivity, are provided with the inclusion of a special edition of the company's Painter 3D texturing programme. Web functionality has naturally been beefed-up as well, with direct access to content on the Poser sites and the ability to output figures to the Web via the MetaStream open 3D file format. The accompanying CD contains additional props, poses, motion capture files, texture maps and morph targets.

MetaCreations also seems proud of the fact that it has increased the ethnic diversity of the models available. Finally, there's single track sound for lip-synching characters' voices. Available now for £199.99 or £84.99 for the upgrade version.

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