Nuggets: Motorola comes to the WAPing rescue

WAPtastic! Motorola rides in to relieve struggling Nokia
Written by Justin Pearse, Contributor

Galloping to the rescue of all those wretched people clamouring in vain for a WAP phone, Motorola has launched its own WAP handset.

And not a minute too soon really, with supplies of Nokia 7110s down to the "I think there may be a Dixons in Bolton with one" stage.

Showing off a little, Motorola's Timeport P7389 is not only WAP enabled, but tri-band into the bargain. Which means you can even take it to the States with you -- although it'll only work on 1900MHz networks over the pond.

One incredibly useful feature is the iTAP intelligent keypad entry software. This predicts the word you're trying to spell as you tap in keys and it works surprisingly well.

If you're a mite lazy there's voice activation, which lets you do things like answer calls with voice commands. There's a built in modem, with IrDa support to connect to your laptop or PDA and you can synchronise between the two with the TrueSync software.

It weighs just 108g and gives 40--50 hours of standby time or 120--210 minutes of talktime.

Motorola is even kindly setting up a Web site to lead you through the process of getting WAP-ed up.

The phone has been released in the US with a UK date promised "soon". We'll let you know.

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