Nuggets: My Cybershot? Oh its digital darling...

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Written by Justin Pearse, Contributor

This is for professionals fellas...

The Cybershot DSC-F55 is Sony's stab at the top end of the digital camera market. It's also an attempt find more uses for its Memory Stick recording media -- the camera uses JPEG compression to store images on the Stick.

At the highest compression of 1600 x1200 pixels you can cram up to 40 images on to a 16MB Memory Stick -- I think I'll just call it stick from now on -- or an MPEG movie of 10 minutes and 40 seconds. Like Agfa's CL50 you can also attach a few seconds of voice recording to each photo. With its Carl Zeiss lens and relatively high price, Sony seems keen to market this as a camera for photographers, rather than tech-heads. There's no mention of low compression levels 'being ideal for the Web', for instance, and a TV is suggested as the foremost way to display and process your photos (yeah right chaps!).

Sony says that the LCD display combines transmissive and reflective technology to give an equally good image indoors and out, and the backlight can be turned off to save a considerable 20 percent of power. As well as a rotating lens you also get a 2.5 x digital zoom.

The Cybershot has just hit the shelves for £649.99.

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