Nuggets: NEC Versa Lite

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Written by Justin Pearse, Contributor

I maybe thin but I got Powa!

Joy in the NEC camp as the Versa notebook family gives birth to its latest offspring, the Versa Lite. A 266MHz Pentium processor with MMX, 32 or 64MB of SDRAM and a 4.3GB hard drive are contained within this 26.8mm thick laptop, weighing a measly 1.7kg.

Depending on which model you choose an external floppy drive and 24x CD-ROM are also included. There's a 12.1-inch TFT screen and a Trident Cyber graphics accelerator with 2MB SGRAM to speed up 3D performance. All the other features you'd hope to find are present -- a full size keyboard, USB and video-out ports, two Type II PC Card slots and a PCMCIA card to stick a modem in. Compatible with Windows 98 or NT, the Versa Lite is out there now and costs £999.

When's the next competition? Patience people, we're working on it. Prizes will be Adobe Photoshop and Kai's Power Tools -- excellent for Web effects.

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