Nuggets: No life? Samsung's got the TV for you

Get a life, but check the box out first...
Written by Justin Pearse, Contributor

Toying with getting a new TV? Dithering over digital television? Why not go the whole hog and get it all in one box.

Samsung has just such a solution in the form of the aptly titled, WS-32W6DT Integrated Digital TV (IDTV). This can pick up all ten of the free digital broadcasts and has a built-in Common Interface socket for upgrading to subscription services such as OnDigital.

It features Samsung's own Electronic Programme Guide (EPG) software that allows you to schedule programmes up to a week in advance, if you are indeed that sad! A Programme Schedule facility lets you pre-select a list of programmes to watch over a period of time -- and if you want to do this you really should get out more -- which can be downloaded as a recording schedule to your video.

Samsung also claims that it is the only TV maker to offer compatibility with MHEG5 digital text services from BBC and ITV, offering the advantage of easier access to information and quicker navigation around pages.

It's got a 32-inch widescreen tube, 2x30Watts amplifier and Virtual Dolby Surround Sound Pro-Logic, which gives you a faux 3D effect from two speakers. There are also rear panel output sockets to let you upgrade to a home theatre audio system.

In the shops now.

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