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Every weekday on ZDNet UK News there will be a new Nugget provided by our very own gadget man, Mr Justin Pearse. Each day Justin will tell us what the technology firms are planning to tempt us with, be it hardware or software.
Written by Justin Pearse, Contributor

At the end of the month we will provide a roundup of our favourites and, if you're lucky, may even provide you with the opportunity to win them.

Heard a rumour about a plan for a new gadget or software? Seen a device on your travels you weren't sure about? Tell 'Nuggets' and we'll spread the word.

Oi, give us a USB...

If you own a legacy PC or Mac and feel you're missing out on the (better late than never...) steady stream of USB peripherals, Entrega Technologies may have the answer. It's new 2-port and 4-port upgrade kits consist of a PCI add-in card with a PCI-to-USB converter, allowing an upgrade to USB connectivity or an increase in USB bandwidth.

The upgrade kits are available now and you can be part of the USB revolution for £44.99 for the four-port kit or £25.99 (both ex VAT) for the two-port.

Nifty radio scanner does HAM

Want to turn your PC into a radio? Icom's PC radio scanner -- the IC-PCR100 -- consists of a wide-band receiver (0.010~1300MHz) allowing you to scan and listen to broadcast radio as well as the amateur HAM bands, emergency services, air traffic control and marine band.

The receiver has two user-interface screens; the multi-function panel gives control of all the functions and the simple panel contains basic information for beginners. You can create an unlimited number of memory channels and there are five quick-access memory buttons. Installation uses plug-and-play technology and free software updates will be available via the Icom Web site. The congenitally nosey can get hold of one these now for £199.99 inc VAT.

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