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Written by Justin Pearse, Contributor

Samsung mobile hits the spot

There are myriad reasons why people prefer a pre-pay mobile phone to a monthly tariff. Problem is you've not much choice in the range of handsets available.

Vodafone has cottoned on to the fact that just because you'd rather pay for your calls as you go along, it doesn't mean you're happy to be stuck with a big, lumpen, ugly hunk of plastic. So the star of its new "Pay as you Talk" range is Samsung's rather lovely SGH-600.

This has got all the features and style of a top of the range mobile. For a start, its tiny -- 107x45x20mm and weighing 119g -- and looks extremely sexy, with a flip lid and a smooth, sleek design. It comes with a personal hands-free-kit, so you too can walk down the street with people muttering 'who's that nutter talking to himself'. Voice dialling means that you just flip and talk, although you have to put up with the extremely annoying, squeaky American cheerleader telling you 'sorry, the number is not recognised, please try again' repeatedly when walking down that same street.

Features are accessible through the simple onscreen menus and include: missed calls, total time online, quick access to voice mail, voice memo of up to 140 seconds, and a host of others. Battery life is around 3.5 hours talktime and 60 hours standby, although the phone does have an infuriating habit of turning itself off for no apparent reason. Sound quality is extremely good, in fact the tiny little aerial is rather superfluous. All in all, if you'd rather avoid the pain of a bill full of late night ramblings arriving on your doormat each month, but are after a phone with more than a touch of class, you'd do far worse to get your hands on one of these little babies.

Available now for £199.99. www.samsungelectronics.co.uk

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