Nuggets: Photo quality prints use SmartMedia

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Written by Justin Pearse, Contributor

Fuji solution is neat but...

The current trend in digital photography seems to be removing the PC from the equation, eliminating the hassle of all that downloading. Fuji's latest contribution to this movement is its NX-70 Digital Desktop Printer, which gives you 'photo quality' prints direct from SmartMedia cards.

Operation seems simple enough -- slot the SmartMedia card in and press print and two minutes later out pops a photo at a total cost of about 40p. One drawback is that unlike Lexmark's equivalent, there is no way to connect the NX-70 to your PC, although a video-out port lets you connect it to a TV to display the images. You can print images from your PC but to do so is hassle ... man -- you have to use a floppy disk or PC card adapter to connect the SmartMedia card to the PC, copy images to it and then transfer it to the printer. What a mess!

Still, at £279.99 its pretty reasonably priced. Available now.

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