Nuggets: Pop-in printing from Olympus, literally

Control freaks'll love what Olympus has done
Written by Justin Pearse, Contributor

I guess one of the most exciting things about getting a digital camera is the complete control you get over your prints, without ever stepping into a Boots again. If, however you're happier staying as far away from a PC as possible, then Olympus may have just what you're looking for.

The Camedia P-330NE is a standalone digital colour printer that produces prints directly from SmartMedia cards. Simply pop your card in the printer's dedicated slot and bang, you've got photos with up to 16.7m colours. It can process up to 10MB JPEG images or 20MB TIFF files.

Features include precise trimming and sharpness adjuster, and print modes include index, mirror print, or multi-image prints of four, nine or sixteen pictures. There are also rotation, multiple prints and trimming features.

If you do want to get a PC involved, the printer can also act as a card reader -- sending images to a PC or laptop. There are also video input and output terminals to let you view your pics on a TV. This also lets you print images from a video or camcorder. Which is handy.

In the shops now for £399.99.

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