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Written by Justin Pearse, Contributor

It rises in the West and settles in the ...

If you're as bad at reading maps as I am you should consider taking the pain out of navigation by getting your hands on a CD-ROM route planner. Travelmanager Office, from Andes VSP, stands out from the rest of the pack by being able to find the location of every full postcode in Britain.

Its database contains the name of every street, in every city, town and village in the U.K. (or so it claims!). Enter the postcode of your starting point and destination and Travelmanager plots a full route itinerary on cartographic-quality, zoomable maps. You can plan a route with up to 14 different stop-off points, put barrier points on certain roads and it will automatically avoid one-way streets. It also scores above its competitors in the amount of additional information contained in its database, including petrol stations, car parks, Underground and rail stations and tourist information.

Available now for £49.99.

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