Nuggets: Smallest mobile in the world... Probably

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Written by Justin Pearse, Contributor

Midget phone for sale... if you can find the...

If you conform to the notion that ‘less is more' Motorola's latest offering should please you no end.

Motorola reckons its v3688 is the smallest and lightest GSM mobile phone in the world and who's to argue? It really is so tiny, weighing just 83 grams, that my biggest fear would be losing it. It's dual band (GSM 900 or 1800) to allow for international roaming. The battery gives you up to 120-180 minutes of talk time or 40-100 hours standby time.

The v3688 is based on the stylish clam shell design of the StarTAC phones, has a fairly decent sized display and comes with a hands-free headset.

Available now for £299.

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