Nuggets: Sony all-in-one CD-RW for everyone

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Pro? Novice? No problemo...

Sony has released an all-in-one CD-RW kit suitable for both professional and novice users.

The CRX120E-RP is part of its new Spressa product line and Sony is claiming it's the fastest C-RW on the market -- Bets are it won't be for long. This model is basically a beefed up version of its predecessor, the 100E-RP, with increased buffer memory, writing speeds and oodles more software. Writing speeds are 4x to CD-R and CD-RW and it reads at a standard 24x.

The two software packages included are WinOnCD, for CD-RW whizz kids, and Just!audio CD for virgins. The kit is nicely rounded of with the inclusion of preformatted CD-RW discs. A quick start guide and an interactive CD-ROM tutorial, 'My First CD', mean you'll be up and running in no time. Available now for £212.

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