Nuggets: Stealth III uses Savage 4...

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Written by Justin Pearse, Contributor

So cool you barely know it's there...

Graphics cards do seem to be flooding out at the moment. Diamond's contribution to this deluge is its Stealth III S540, which hopefully works even if it's raining outside.

The board is based on S3's Savage4 Pro+ processor, features 32MB of on-board memory, AGP 4x support, S3 texture compression (S3TC) and hardware-accelerated DVD playback. Shipping with the card is InControl Tools 99, a utility suite that lets you customise 3D settings for Direct 3D and OpenGL features, as well as giving you the ability to tweak performance on individual games. A clever addition to this tool set is the Diamond Update Wizard. This scours your system for any Diamond hardware and checks what versions of software you've got installed. If later versions are available the Update Wizard can download and install them automatically -- just the thing to make everyone's life easier.

All of this is available, at the end of May, for a very reasonable £99.99.

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