Nuggets: Teac PowerMax speakers - all eight of 'em

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Written by Justin Pearse, Contributor on

Erm, could you turn that down...

Teac's 8-speaker PowerMax 500/2 surround sound system is just what you need for that new George Lucas effort -- what's it called?

Oh and if intimate knowledge of speakers' innards don't really light your fire I suggest you look away now. The subwoofer is based on a 10.5cm driver rated at 350Watts PMPO (12.5 rms), has a frequency response of 40-150Hz and measures 185x162x225mm. The two satellite speakers (those are the little ones) measure 87x65x162mm and each house a 5.1cm midrange driver and 1.8cm tweeter. Both are rated at 75Watts PMPO (5Watts rms) and give a frequency response of 150 -- 18,999Hz.

Or put simply... dead loud. The amplifier, with volume, bass and treble controls, is designed to fit on top of the sub-woofer.

Wow all those buttons for £59.

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