Nuggets: USB radio will rock your world

It's a radio, but not as we know it. Revolutionise your radio use with a USB device for your PC
Written by Richard Barry, Contributor

Using a USB device on your PC to pick up the radio may seem a bit over the top, but D-Link's DU-R100 USB radio really does make Chris Tarrant that little bit easier to deal with in the mornings... just flick him away with the click of a mouse when he gets annoying!

Ease of use scores top marks with this radio: you really do just plug it in and listen to whatever channel you fancy using the D-Link software to tune in stations. Best marks though come from the ability to record the radio into MP3 format.

OK, so it's unlikely you'll want to record much (given that MP3s are available using that terrible demon of a program called Napster) but if there's an interesting interview or something you need to grab, what better way to do it than at the click of a button on your USB modem? The MP3 software is adequate to good.

If nothing else, this is a next generation entertainment device that will appeal to some and give them great service, but definitely not an absolute must-have!

Get your hands on on D-Link's radio now for £35. Take a look at http://www.dlink.com/products/usb/dsbr100/ and visit these OEMs to get the kit: www.action.com www.netshop.co.uk

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