Number Nine debuts S3 chip

Number Nine Visual Technology will raise the graphics ante once again at the beginning of November when it releases a new card based on S3's brand-new ViRGE/VX chip.
Written by Martin Veitch, Contributor

The 64-bit, PCI-based 9FX Reality 772 is aimed at a power user audience with fast 3D and video, without compromising 2D and DOS performance. The products will be available with either 2Mb (about £149 including VAT on the street) or 4Mb of VRAM (£219 including VAT). 2Mb upgrades for users upgrading later will cost £85 including VAT. Retail versions of the card will come with a games bundle.

A Number Nine spokeswoman said Dell will be among PC OEM customers. Number Nine will make further product announcements next Thursday, October 24.

Number Nine can be contacted by telephone on 01582-483381.

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