Nvidia, Bosch to develop AI-powered self-driving car system

Nvidia will bring the AI and processing power to a self-driving car system, while Bosch adds the know-how in building automotive-grade systems.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

An artist rendering of what a Bosch-Nvidia car AI system would look like. (Image: Nvidia)

Nvidia and Bosch said they will develop artificial intelligence and machine-learning systems for mass market autonomous vehicles.

The news was released at Bosch's Connected World Internet of things conference in Berlin.

According to the companies, the AI self-driving car system will be built on Nvidia's deep-learning software and hardware. Bosch is a large auto supplier.

The news comes just days after Intel announced plans to buy Mobileye. Many analysts viewed Intel's $15.3 billion purchase as a defensive move to thwart Nvidia's encroachment into the auto market and datacenter view its graphics processors.


As for Nvidia and Bosch, the aim is to create a system that can enable vehicles to be trained quickly and updated over the air. Bosch will then take those systems and make them automotive-grade.

Bosch's AI-driven car computing system will be based on Nvidia's Drive PX technology and Xavier, a chip built for AI and autonomous driving.


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