Okta offers free multi-factor authentication with new product, One App

One App is designed for smaller organizations that need a more affordable entry point into Okta.
Written by Stephanie Condon, Senior Writer

Okta on Wednesday is introducing a new product called One App for smaller organizations -- or organizations that need security for early-stage projects -- that need a more affordable entry point into Okta.

One App takes Okta's enterprise-level IT products and exposes the underlying service layer, Alex Salazar, VP of Okta's developer platform, explained to ZDNet. An organization can assemble those products any way they want. Those products include multi-factor authentication, social authentication, centralized identity management and more.

"We're doing our part to give these organizations the Lego blocks they need to assemble this stuff the right away, even if they're not experts in it," Salazar said.

One App is free for organizations willing to display the Okta logo when their users are going through registration or authentication.

In addition to elevating the Okta brand and furthering Okta's commitment to security, the free version also helps advance the overall objective of One App: Convincing organizations to skip the process of building their security layers.

"Why build out your own user management system, when you don't have the time, resources or probably the skills on staff?" Salazar asked.

Typically, smaller IT teams will build out custom security tools for their applications, Salazar said. "Then a year or two later, when the CIO wants to solve this problem across the organization, then they go to Okta and tear out what they've already built," he continued. "We're trying to disrupt that build versus buy model."

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