One in five Americans will recommend a brand that uses emerging tech

Emerging technologies can influence you more than you think -- and it can significantly impact your bottom line.
Written by Eileen Brown, Contributor

Americans love innovative technology and have definite views on which technology is the most persuasive to get them to buy from brands. But what technology is most deemed to make a brand innovative?

A new report from NY-based comms and PR company DiffusionPR (commissioned with research agency YouGov) found that using emerging technologies are key for brands.

It surveyed 1236 adults across the US aged over 18 online between April 18 and April 19, 2019. The survey was carried out online.

Its Everything is Tech report showed that over a quarter (26%) of Americans say AR is the most likely technology to enable a brand to be perceived as innovative.

AR can significantly impact purchase intent and word-of-mouth recommendations for a brand. That perception will directly impact the bottom line for a brand.

Some technologies are perceived to be more impactful, and more worthy of investment than others. However, despite widespread adoption across brands, the report shows chatbots and cryptocurrency are not hitting the mark with consumers.

Only 6% of Americans think chatbots, and 4% of crypt currency technologies are most likely to enable a brand to be perceived as innovative.

Over one-in-five Americans say that they are more likely to recommend a brand using emerging tech, and one-in-six Americans say they're more likely to spend money with a brand they perceive as innovative.

More than one-in-five (21%) Americans are more likely to open emails received from an innovative brand, and almost one in five (19%) are more likely to purchase from innovative brands rather than their competitors.

One in 5 Americans will recommend a brand that uses emerging tech zdnet

Consumers want much from brands. Almost half (44%) want to see emerging technologies to facilitate their shopping experiences, such as using AR to visualize products in real-life settings.

A third (33%) want to see them implemented to better improve customer service experiences, such as utilizing AI to garner unique item recommendations based on prior shopping history and preferences

And almost a third (30%) would like to see advanced technology, such as drone integration to add convenience to delivery and warehouse organization.

One in 5 Americans will recommend a brand that uses emerging tech zdnet

Obviously, technologies such as cryptocurrency and chatbots have a long way to go to be perceived as innovative technologies. Perhaps this is due to confusion about crypto and its interaction with the blockchain.

But innovative brands that can demonstrate the use of up-and-coming technologies across their business will win new customers and delight existing loyal purchasers.

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