One key product and one quick tip for storm season

With what looks like an active storm season underway, one gadget and a quick tip can help you get through even major storms.
Written by James Kendrick, Contributor

We're only a few days into storm season and it's looking to be an active year. Power outages often accompany storms, and a reliable portable device charger is important. I recommend a power bank from RAVPower.

The 16750 mAh battery in the RAVPower will charge a smartphone six times, keeping it working for days with no other power source. It has a flashlight which can come in handy without power. The RAVPower is $39.99 at Amazon.

Power is only half the battle when keeping informed after a storm. While smartphones can get online to find out what is going on, many laptops and tablets need a hotspot. Using a phone battery as a hotspot for other devices can shorten battery life. It may be a better solution to use a tablet as a hotspot for multiple devices. Turn on the hotspot function and everybody can get online.

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