Oppo shows off notch-killing under-screen camera

Theory is sound, but in practice reportedly iffy.
Written by Chris Duckett, Contributor

Chinese phone maker Oppo has taken the wraps off of its latest idea to do away with camera notches, to put the front-facing camera beneath the display.

Oppo said it used a "unique high-transparency material" that allows enough light through the screen for the camera to work, as well as having a larger sensor and aperture within the camera.

"OPPO employs a customised software solution for [under-screen camera], by applying tailored optimisations to its HDR algorithm, haze removal algorithm and white balance algorithm," the company said.

"These enhance brightness and detail, allowing [under-screen camera] to deliver imaging with quality comparable that of mainstream smartphones."

Pictures from Engadget show the screen area above the camera being quite obvious in certain circumstances.

Oppo has tried a number of ways to avoid having a phone notch.

Its Find X device has a motorised pop-up camera that appears when the camera icon is tapped.

For its Reno 5G device, a segment containing the front camera pop ups when the camera is put into selfie-mode.


Reno 5G 

(Image: Oppo)

Other devices such as the Oppo RX17 do have a notch.

At the same time, Oppo also announced MeshTalk, which allows for texts and voice calls to occur between Oppo devices up to 3 kilometres away without needing ISP-provided mobile or Wi-Fi connectivity.

As the name suggests, a mesh network is created that relays signals to extend the range of the network, with Oppo saying it uses a custom chipset for this functionality.

Oppo R11s and Xperia XA2

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