Oracle Exalytics in-memory machine updated to analyze larger data sets

Oracle's in-memory machine is getting a boost thanks to substantially more... memory.
Written by Rachel King, Contributor

Oracle is rolling out a number of new software and hardware enhancements for its X3-4 Exalytics in-memory machine.

Being that this is an in-memory machine for crunching data into actual business analytics, it makes sense that the team in Redwood Shores has baked in plenty more memory to handle larger data sets.

For starters, the upgraded Exalytics X3-4 system hosts 2 TB of main memory, 2.4 TB of flash storage, and 5.4 TB of hard disk space. Oracle asserts that increased main memory should enable Exalytics users to access "unlimited amounts of data" without capacity constraints.

Furthermore, this extra memory should offer up to 25 times faster load times and nine times quicker calculations within applications when running Oracle's Essbase online analytical server cubes concurrently.

On the software side, Oracle has updated bits and pieces throughout the foundation of the Exalytics platform. For example, version of the Oracle Business Intelligence Foundation Suite is comprised of more than 200 enhancements. Taken together, they should enable the Exalytics platform to churn out anywhere up to hundreds of thousands of personalized reports and documents within time frames "previously unachievable."

The Exalytics machine is also getting a flavor more for deciphering social and mobile data through updates to the Oracle Endeca Information Discovery software and Oracle’s BI Mobile HD deployment and visualization solution.

Customers with the X2-4 model can also look forward to a few new options. Along with some system upgrades to increase memory capacity, existing Exalytics X2-4 customers can opt to purchase upgrade kits to add 2.4 TB flash memory or flash memory and an additional TB of main memory.

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