Outback Solo bag for iPad Pro by Waterfield Designs hands on: A perfect fit

If you were lucky enough to get an iPad Pro for the holidays you'll need a good bag to carry it around. This bag from Waterfield Designs is custom made for the big iPad.
Written by James Kendrick, Contributor

Since receiving the iPad Pro on day one I have been looking for a good bag to carry it around daily. Until recently this effort hadn't been successful as every bag I own that is large enough to fit the iPad Pro is too large to use for a daily bag.

The same was true when I checked online. The iPad Pro display is almost 13 inches, but most bags designed to fit 13-inch laptops won't fit the giant iPad. The aspect ratio of the iPad Pro means the tablet is over an inch taller than 13-inch laptops, and most bags are sized for shorter laptops.

When I heard that WaterField was producing a bag specifically for the iPad Pro I got one as quickly as I could. I've been using it as my daily bag and it is a great solution for hauling the giant iPad around.

I've been buying bags from Waterfield for over a decade and find the build quality of them to be outstanding. The same is true of the new Outback Solo for the iPad Pro. The attention to detail and quality of the materials are evident as soon as you take the bag out of the box.

The Outback Solo has a minimalist design to keep the bag as small as possible while still being practical. It has a horizontal messenger bag design, made of waxed canvas and leather.

The top flap is leather while the rest of the bag is canvas. There is a magnetic snap on the small flap extending down from the bag cover that keeps the bag securely closed.


There is only one compartment inside the Outback Solo and it perfectly fits the iPad Pro with either the Apple Smart Keyboard case or the Logi CREATE keyboard case. The fit is tight and Apple's keyboard is easier to get in and out of the bag.

Another two pockets are on the front of the Outback Solo. One is sized to fit the iPhone 6 Plus exactly, while the other is wider and thicker to carry other items. I was concerned when I got the Outback Solo that it wouldn't carry everything I need each day but my worries were unfounded. The pocket is designed to expand as needed for bulkier items.

The two pockets are accessible when the bag is open, and the bag flap covers them when closed. There is a wide slim pocket on the back of the Outback Solo that is sized to accommodate magazines and similar items.

The attention to detail in the design is demonstrated by a canvas strip that runs between the bottom of the two front pockets. It is a finger grip that can be held to aid in sliding the iPad Pro from its tight pocket.

Waterfield has designed what for me is the perfect bag for the iPad Pro. It couldn't be any smaller or thinner and still fit the big iPad, and the two pockets handle the essentials I need. This is all in an attractive case that will last years.

The Outback Solo is $119 for the iPad Pro with a $19 option for a shoulder strap. I recommend getting the strap as there is no handle for carrying the bag.

There is a model of the Outback Solo available for the iPad Air for $89.

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