Outlook for Windows client to store email signature in the cloud

Feature will only be available for Microsoft Office 365 users.
Written by Catalin Cimpanu, Contributor
Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft plans to release an update for the Outlook for Windows client next month that will add the possibility to configure an email signature and have it saved in the cloud, rather than inside each Outlook installation.

Until today, a big issue with Outlook (and for that matter, all email clients) was the fact that users had to configure an email signature every time they'd install their email client.

When they reinstalled Windows or moved to a new device, users had to reconfigure the email signature, time and time again.

Starting with June 2020, Microsoft says that email signatures will be saved inside the user's Microsoft 365 account, and loaded from the cloud for every email they send.

The feature will allow users to have a consistent email signature across all devices, and avoid situations where users send emails with outdated signatures.

The new feature, expected to arrive in June 2020 according to this Microsoft 365 Roadmap page, will be available only for Office 365 and Microsoft 365 customers, and will roll out first for Outlook for Windows clients. Other clients, such as Outlook for iOS and Outlook for Android, are expected to receive it at later dates.

Support for cross-device, centralized email signatures has been one of Outlook's most requested features in recent years.

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