PalmSource: Where next for Palm?

Palm rolled out its latest operating system, new hardware appeared and Bluetooth is promised. Palm's chief executive explains what the next steps are. A ZDNet UK News Focus
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PalmSource unveils syncing software Demonstration of Motorola's first ARM-based processor NEWS:
Power struggle at PalmSource
Fri 8 Feb:
The lights went out, but Palm developers found ways to amuse themselves Q&A: Palm OS chief puts Apple experience to work
Tues 5 Feb:
David Nagel talks about the challenges he faces as head of Palm's OS unit, and how his experience at Apple will help him Streamed video: Interview with David Nagel Palm to preview more advanced, secure OS
Tues 5 Feb:
The long-awaited OS 5, on view at Palm's developer conference this week, will add a slew of new features and will bring Palm handhelds to a much more powerful processor Palm readies colour handhelds
Mon 4 Feb:
Palm is set to refresh its low-cost and high-end handhelds with better displays and more memory, as the PalmSource conference begins Palm i705 leaves Europe off the map
Mon 28 Jan:
Once again, Palm has left Europe out of its wireless plans, with the new i705 unlikely to arrive here any time soon. But there may be hope in GPRS Palm goes up-market with wireless i705
Mon 28 Jan:
The i705 puts Palm on a collision course with Pocket PC and RIM in the battle for the pocketbooks of chief technology officers Palm stays atop handheld market
Fri 25 Jan:
Palm continues to lead the handheld market, but its competitors are slowly catching up Palm dangles Bluetooth before developers
Mon 14 Jan:
The embattled handheld maker will launch a software kit to encourage Bluetooth development, ahead of launching its wireless device
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