Penguin Computing to bundle systems, services to juice AI, analytics, data, cloud workloads

The move by Penguin Computing highlights how many HPC vendors are targeting commercial adoption and workloads.

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Penguin Computing is rolling out four high-performance computing stacks for workloads such as artificial intelligence, analytics and data science and cloud.

The move by Penguin Computing, a division of SMART Global Holdings, highlights how many HPC vendors are targeting commercial adoption and workloads that are becoming more mainstream. For instance, Dell Technologies launched HPC stacks aimed at industries and use cases.

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The takeaway is that HPC is moving beyond supercomputing rankings to more commercialization as workloads for AI, simulation and analytics goes enterprise mainstream.

Penguin Computing is pivoting to focus on software-defined architecture, new processing and storage platforms to drive technical computing across on-premises data centers, hybrid cloud and multi-cloud deployments.

The company said it will provide end-to-end stacks and services focused on the following:

  • AI and analytics;
  • Data;
  • HPC;
  • And cloud.