People are turning to ChatGPT to troubleshoot their tech problems now

A new study concludes many people are ditching Google for ChatGPT when searching for IT advice online.
Written by Sabrina Ortiz, Editor
ChatGPT opened up on a phone
June Wan/ZDNET

Just a year ago, if you had a question about anything IT-related, you would have likely turned to Google to find an answer. Now people are turning to ChatGPT to get conversational, AI-generated explanations instead. 

Electric surveyed 1,000 people to find out where they are getting their IT advice from. A whopping 66% of respondents said they went to ChatGPT for help with their IT problems, according to the study. 

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Some of the most popular IT questions in the U.S. include basic questions such as how to fix a frozen computer screen, slow internet, slow computer or an overheated phone.

Unsurprisingly, GenZ is the generation most likely to seek IT advice from ChatGPT at 83%, followed by Millennials at 67%. GenX and Baby boomers didn't trail too far behind at 50% and 48%.

So is getting your IT advice from an AI chatbot a good idea? 

Electric asked 200 IT professionals to judge ChatGPT's responses on four of the most-searched tech questions in the United States to find out. 

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ChatGPT's responses earned it an overall accuracy score of 39 out of 100 from IT experts. Considering ChatGPT has only been around since Nov. 2022, an overall 39% approval rate isn't too shabby.

Some of ChatGPT's answers even earned it high scores, for example, the response to "How do I make my internet faster?" got a whopping 74 accuracy score.  

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