Pinterest announces daily TV channel for creators

Pinterest TV will feature in-app live, original, and shoppable episodes featuring hosts like Olympic Gold Medalist Tom Daley, American fashion designer Christian Siriano and beauty guru Manny MUA.
Written by Jonathan Greig, Contributor

Pinterest announced the creation of Pinterest TV, an in-app channel of daily shows hosted by some of the app's most popular users and creators. 

The project -- akin to a Pinterest version of QVC -- has been built to allow people to shop while watching the shows. Pinterest said "all live content will have the ability to be made shoppable by specific product features."

The show's hosts or creators can use tags to tie certain products to their shows -- called Product Pins -- allowing viewers to quickly head over to a product page when they see something they love on one of the shows. 

The shows will air every weekday and will cover a variety of verticals including food, home, beauty, fashion and more.

Pinterest TV has already lined up a series of hosts ranging from Olympic Gold Medalist Tom Daley to American fashion designer Christian Siriano and beauty guru Manny MUA.

There will be opportunities for live reactions and comments on the channels. Pinterest is also planning a show hosted by comedian Robyn Schall called "Buy This," which will feature products from companies like Patagonia, Melody Ehsani, Mented, All Birds and Crown Affair. 

Some shows will even offer sales or deals for viewers, and Pinterest said recordings of the episodes will be available after they air so anyone who misses anything won't be left out. 

According to Pinterest, show creators will start hosting live episodes on November 8. The channel is built both for Pinterest's more famous commercial creators as well as the smaller brands and companies looking to grow their audience. 

Episodes will air Monday through Friday at 6 pm EST in the US on both iOS and Android. 


Siriano will be hosting a show called "Christian On" which will feature discussions about the most searched fashion terms on Pinterest that week. 

Director Monica Suriyage will be at the helm of a TV show called "Unfail My" which will involve Pinterest cooks, chefs and food creators saving disastrous holiday meals. 

Daley will be the driving force behind a show called "Tom Tries," where he learns a new skill each week from a grandmother or grandfather. 

Pinterest said it is also creating a "virtual studio" where their producers will work with creators to help them make shows or develop content. 

Pinterest said in a statement that studies have shown it's users spent double as much as other people on other sites and typically "have 85% bigger baskets at checkout." 

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