Pixel phone problem? Dial this number to see what's wrong - and fix it too

Google introduces an on-board diagnostic tool to help you repair your own Pixel phone.
Written by Artie Beaty, Contributing Writer
Google Pixel 8 display standing up against a flower pot.
Max Buondonno/ZDNET

If you're a Google Pixel owner, you now have access to a tool that lets you self-diagnose what might be wrong with your phone.

By dialing * # * # 7287 # * # * , you'll immediately enter your phone's "Pixel Diagnostics" mode. There's an option at the top to run a full diagnosis -- 31 tests in all -- and categories below for testing items individually.

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In the app, which is available on all Pixel phones, you'll find tests to make sure virtually every aspect of your phone is working properly. There are sections for visual, sensor, connectivity, camera, audio, screen, and "other", with each of those broken down further, allowing users to isolate an issue. 

While the visual defects category simply asks if there's anything broken and allows the user to check yes or no, others run through a diagnostic. The tool has tests for the gyroscope, GPS, cameras, touch screen, backlight, speakers, microphones, barometer, wired and wireless charging, fingerprint scanner, NFC, and more. 

While this tool can't actually fix anything, it does let you isolate where a problem might be and lets you make sure the device is working properly if you've had it repaired. The release of this tool comes a few days after Apple released its own self-service repair tool.

In addition, Google is making it a little easier to repair your phone on your own, thanks to new repair manuals. "After getting genuine parts from iFixit," the Google Support post about the manuals read, "you're no longer limited to walk-in and mail-in options. You can repair these devices by yourself." For now, manuals are available only for the Pixel 8, Pixel 8 Pro, and Pixel Fold, but Google promises more manuals are on the way soon.

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The addition of the diagnostics tool and manuals comes just after the Pixel December Feature Drop included a Repair Mode which, like Samsung's feature, limits access to your device while it's in someone else's hands. 

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