Pogoplug jumps from hardware to software with Pogoplug Cloud storage

Venturing from its hardware roots, Pogoplug is launching Pogoplug Cloud with a free 5GB of storage.
Written by Ricardo Bilton, Contributor

Pogoplug, maker of personal streaming devices like Pogoplug Video, is venturing into new territory with Pogoplug Cloud, a service that competes with services like iCloud and DropBox.

Pogoplug Cloud automatically syncs users' photos, music, videos, and other files to Pogoplug servers, allowing for remote access and the ability to upload to services like Facebook and Twitter.

The company is also giving users a free 5GB of storage just for signing up, with 50GB and 100GB strorage options selling for $10 and $20 per month, respectively.

The service is a bit different from the Pogoplug box, which is a physical device that attaches to users' home networks. While it's not immediately clear the advantage Pogoplug Cloud has over Pogoplug's dedicated hardware, one possible improvement that Pogoplug notes is that streaming speeds are likely to be faster over Pogoplug Cloud. That's because, unlike Pogoplug's dedicated devices, the service doesn't work through a user's home network.

More significantly, Pogoplug hopes that Pogoplug Cloud will introduce new users to the Pogoplug ecosystem, which would, in theory, inch them closer towards purchasing dedicated Pogoplug devices.

But for those concerned about the privacy of their files, not to mention a monthly suscription, Pogoplug's dedicated devices may be the better option.  The Pogoplug box sells for $99, while the mobile user-focused Pogoplug Mobile runs for $79.

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