Polar announces Vantage V2: Captures extensive data and helps you apply it to achieving goals

There are loads of wearables capturing all sorts of data and with the latest flagship GPS sports watch, Polar provides compelling hardware and then helps you use that data for improvement. The Vantage V2 offers several hardware and software enhancements compared to the Vantage V.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer
Image: Polar

Wearables today help you capture an incredible amount of data, including steps, sleep details, blood oxygen levels, stress, heart rate, respiration rate, and more. After using a Polar Vantage V for about a year it is clear that Polar works hard to help you capture, interpret, and then use the data its wearables collect to guide you to improve your health and wellness.

The latest offering from Polar is the Vantage V2 that offers refined hardware and additional functionality, when compared to the Vantage V. The Polar Grit X has some of the same functionality, but the Vantage V2 is much lighter and offers more performance related features as it is focused on the multi-sport athlete.

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The Polar Vantage V2 is available starting today for $499.95 in black, green, and grey/lime. You can also purchase it with the H10 heart rate sensor as a bundle for $549.95.

At 52 grams, the Vantage V2 is a light weight premium GPS sports watch that provides up to 40 hours of GPS tracking and wrist-based heart rate. New features include running performance test, cycling performance test, new test hub on Polar Flow, and leg recovery testing. Features from Grit X, such as FuelWise and Hill Splitter are present on the Vantage V2.

Image: Polar

Technology such as Polar Precision Prime heart rate tracking, running power on the wrist, Training Load Pro, Recovery Pro, Nightly Recharge, FitSpark, and Sleep Plus Stages are all packed into this 52 gram sports watch. We also find music controls for music playing on your smartphone and HRV data export. Power-based training plans are coming later this year too.

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Compared to Garmin's lineup, we don't see offline music support, mobile payment support, or the ability to install third party apps or data fields. These are the same limitations we see from COROS with COROS watches also now providing running power right from the wrist. The competition for your wrist is intense and the differences come down to the ecosystem and focus of the watch when you have to make your own purchase decision.

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