Pro HDR app make High Dynamic Range photography easy

Guest blogger Bob Snow shows us two cool photography apps, one for taking HDR photos, the other for creating perfectly seamless panoramic photos -- all in camera.
Written by Jason D. O'Grady, Contributor

Ever noticed how photos taken on camera phones (including the iPhone) notoriously blow out the sky and/or leave the subject in the foreground in dark shadows? Sure, "touch to focus" helps, but it usually can't compensate enough in high contrast settings.

A colleague and fellow-PPUG member Bob sends along this great tip for an app that I purchased immediately after seeing the results.

My wife and I received our new iPhone 4s on Monday. The built-in camera does well in low light, but seems to blow out the highlights pretty badly in high contrast situations. The angle of view is quite wide for a camera phone.

Here is a photo taken with the iPhone's built-in Camera app.

The second photo (below) is the same subject photographed using the Pro HDR app ($1.99, App Store) in just two exposures, in automatic mode and processed completely in the iPhone 4.

The last photo (below) was taken with the Pano app ($2.99, App Store) with five photos, stitched in the phone while you wait. Pretty cool.

What is your favorite camera app?

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