Protect your online data with this decentralized VPN and firewall portable solution

This VPN alternative provides users with a layer 7 firewall to keep your online data safe.
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Cybersecurity experts have always recommended the use of VPNs whenever you go online. And while no one can contest their efficacy when it comes to protecting your data and rendering you anonymous on the internet, there's no denying that VPNs cost a pretty penny. An annual subscription to a well-known VPN service can already set you back a hundred dollars.

If you want to take cybersecurity into your own hands, you always have the option to go beyond a VPN subscription. The Deeper Connect Nano is a decentralized VPN and firewall device that eliminates the need to pay monthly fees for VPN services. An ultra-portable tool, you can bring it anywhere you go and still remain protected when you go online.

Unlike a VPN that reroutes your connection to various servers, this device serves as client and server, and your IP address automatically changes based on routing rules. There's no middle man that manages your network for you. It's serverless and distributed, so none of your data be logged, leaked, hacked, or even subpoenaed. It also blocks ads, trackers, and malware across the entire network, as well as lets you browse and stream online without bottlenecks.

Here's a closer look at how it works:

Since it's primarily designed to protect your data, it's worth noting that it has a 7-layer firewall that secures your entire home or business network. It even filters NSFW and NSFC on all internet devices, making it ideal for use in the workplace and at home. Set up is pretty straightforward, too. With a plug-and-play design, you can get immediate access to free, secure, and private internet wherever you go.

The Deeper Connect Nano was so impressive that it managed to garner $1 million in contributions on IndieGogo. Now, you can also be a proud owner of this cybersecurity marvel for 33% off. For a limited time, you can get it on sale for $199.99.

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