Psion hands out two new lines

UK palmtop maker Psion today blazed forward with two additions to its series of huge-selling handhelds, the 3c and Psion Siena.
Written by Arif Mohamed, Contributor

The 3c will cost £340 for a 1Mb RAM and £400 for a 2Mb RAM version and retains the features of the 3a, adding 115kbps infra-red communications, an improved suite of applications, revamped user interface and a modish case redesign. It boasts two expansion slots.

The Siena will cost £170 for a 512Kb RAM model and £230 for a £1Mb RAM version. It weighs 0.2kg and has been built to fit in a shirt pocket. Aimed at a wider audience than the 3c, it comes in a range of colours and case designs.

Both palmtops include QWERTY keyboards. The 3c has a 480 x 160 greyscale screen and the Siena has a smaller 240 x 160 greyscale display. The 3c is powered by two AA batteries with a two to four month life, and the Siena requires three AAA batteries, giving an average one to two month life, according to Psion.

Psion can be contacted by telephone on 0171-2625580.

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