Purported Enterprise Edition of Google Glass leaks on Ebay

What's believed to be an unannounced enterprise version of Google Glass has leaked on Ebay for a hefty price tag.
Written by Jake Smith, Contributor

An unannounced enterprise version of Google Glass appeared on Ebay over the weekend, according to 9to5Google, who says it confirmed the images with its sources.

The enterprise edition is little changed from the pilot version of Glass, but features a better hinge design for work, new camera LED, and new charging port.

9to5Google has previously reported the addition of a 5GHz Wi-Fi band for video streaming. The Google-focused blog, who has been correct on several Glass rumors in the past, is also reporting Google has created an external battery pack, not yet photographed.

It's not clear what Google's plans are to release Google Glass to the public. In January 2015, Google ended the beta period of Glass.

The Wall Street Journal previously reported the enterprise version of Glass is being "quietly distributed" to workers in the health care industry.

The new version of Glass has reached $3,600 in current bidding as of Sunday night, with bids continuing until Wednesday. It's not clear who is auctioning the new tech.

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