Qualtrics unveils digital marketing tool for updating web content on-the-go

Qualtrics introduces a new online marketing and research tool that allows brands to alter website content on-the-fly without IT help.
Written by Rachel King, Contributor

Qualtrics, an enterprise data analysis software provider, is debuting a new platform that enables marketers to respond to social media and other sources and update website content instantly.

In a nutshell, Qualtrics Site Intercept is an online marketing and research tool that allows brands to alter website content on the fly to produce custom content while gathering customer feedback at the same time -- all without the help of IT resources.

Qualtrics asserts that this could drive up "unprecedented levels of conversion from the very first click."

In the age of social media, it's just not good business to wait around anymore for marketing research to come back from traditional sources like focus groups before making a game-changing decision. Nor is it easy to wait for IT to help upload new content -- even if it's something rather simple that nearly anyone could do in a few minutes.

Companies need to move faster and make adjustments to brands and content instantaneously these days, but it's still not necessarily easy to do so without proper data and information to justify a strategy change.

Thus, it could be easy to see why a platform like this from Qualtrics could really make a difference in the digital marketing world.

Some of the data factors that can be integrated and used by the Site Intercept platform to produce data include geo-location, shopping cart content, and even just the time of day. This information can be delivered to the client in real-time on a dashboard that is touted to not require any programming.
From there, Qualtrics suggests that marketers could respond to customers immediately with different content and promotional tools, such as location-based coupons and targeted videos based on previously viewed content.
Qualtrics Site Intercept is now available as a stand-alone tool for marketers. Free trials are also available.

Image via Qualtrics

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