QuickBooks announces Excel integration for 2022

QuickBooks Online Advanced will offer two-way syncing with Excel.
Written by Jonathan Greig, Contributor

Intuit QuickBooks announced on Tuesday that it will be integrating its services with Excel in early 2022 as a way to "help businesses simplify and scale their operations while reducing errors."

In recent years, QuickBooks has integrated its services with platforms like DocuSign, Bill.com, HubSpot and LeanLaw.

Alex Chriss, the executive vice president and general manager of QuickBooks, said the company was excited to add Excel to the slate of integrations that meet the unique needs of mid-sized businesses. 

"Further reducing complex workflows through automation, coupled with powerful customization capabilities, will enhance performance and scalability and allow businesses at a critical point in their journey to reach a new level of growth," Chriss said. 

The company said that by early 2022, QuickBooks Online Advanced would offer two-way syncing with Excel and added that the integration was made possible through an acquisition from DataDear.

According to QuickBooks, Excel is used by more than 60% of mid-sized organizations to manage their business, and many are forced to manually transfer data back and forth from Excel to other financial business tools like QuickBooks.

"Customers will be able to sync data between Excel and QuickBooks Online Advanced automatically. This much-requested capability will help businesses save time and further streamline data syncing at critical points in their business journey, whether they're adopting accounting software or seeking enhanced reporting that delivers greater visibility into their operations," QuickBooks explained. 

"Customers will be able to build custom reports, in a tool they already use, without compromising on convenience or accuracy of data."

Intuit QuickBooks launched QuickBooks Card Reader and Power Stand in July, hardware designed for small businesses with QuickBooks Payments integration. QuickBooks Commerce -- a new platform that aims to consolidate sales channels into one central hub for product-based small businesses -- was unveiled in 2020. 

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