Quotes of the Week, August 19-23

"We have made attempts to address this market with pen-based units but it may be a case of once bitten, twice shy." - Toshiba's Murray McKerlie discounts chances of a PDA release this year.
Written by Martin Veitch, Contributor

"It's a tad expensive, isn't it?" - AST's Steve Crawley on Compaq's TFT screen system.

"He put it in lots of newsgroups, suggesting it was a sexy program, so many users who got the virus were embarrassed and didn't want to own up." - Graham Cluley of Dr Solomon's on the author of Hare.

"Some people don't think it goes far enough but I think it's what the industry wants." - Hayes' Bill Pechey on BT's revised ISDN pricing.

"It does not signify any scaling back." - Intel's Stephen McKinnon on licensing motherboards.

"If you want to make a profit how can you build it cheaper than a Chinese company? You're better off leaving it to our friends in South-East Asia. Intel has had motherboards coming out of its ying-yang." - Cyrix's Paul Norman on Intel's logistical problems.

"It would be pretty nuts for us to price ourselves out of the market. Believe me, it's no windfall for us, nobody's running round shouting 'Whoa!!'" USR's Ed Colligan on Pilot pricing.

"About a year ago, we spoke to US Robotics (USR) about a modem for the device and they liked the product so much they bought the company." - Colligan on USR's Kiam-like approach.

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