Quotes of the Week - August 26-30

"The memory market is such a spot market. It's a commodity like bananas, so the price tends to fluctuate in the hands of dealers, if you know what I mean. It's supply and demand, O-level economics" - NEC's Rodney Davies on RAM prices.
Written by Martin Veitch, Contributor

"We've been saying it for months and the memory people have kept proving us wrong but everyone really believes it's gone just about as low as it can." - Anonymous, but confident, PC vendor.

"I don't think there any fingers pointing at Bob." - Novell's Tom Schuster defends departing chief, Frankenberg.

"No announcements have been made, although we're expecting them very, very soon." - Sony's Chris Baker on the delayed DVD.

"I have a lot of salesmen who are very aggressive and they're not asking me for it." - Ideal Hardware's Seamus Twohig on (lack of) demand for Quantum's Bigfoot 5.25-inch desktop drives.

"Netscape's attorneys elected to use Zona Research material ... and took some interesting liberties with the interpretation. Clearly Netscape's attorneys would like the market to believe that Microsoft is some sort of crazed, turbo-powered beast, rumbling through the primal diluvial swamp of the Internet market, ripping chunks of competitive flesh for their personal mastication..." - Zona official statement on Netscape's letter of complaint to the DOJ.

"We're very serious about considering Intel as an alternative source. We're not doing HP for the sake of doing HP." - HP's Olivier Frank denies an NIH syndrome.

"I should think CD-ROM speeds will get a little higher. I don't think DVD will have a big impact at first; certainly not for six or seven months at least." - Plextor's Dirk de Jongh on 12x and upwards CD-ROM drives.

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