Quotes of the Week, September 2-6

"All they're doing is complicating the market. If you look at the line-up behind Travan, with Hewlett-Packard, Seagate, Exabyte, TEAC and Tandberg, it's not going to go away." - Imation's Mark Nicholson on Iomega's non-Travan tape drive.

"I don't want to say something bad about Travan [but] I must say yes, that's the end of Travan. Maybe they can cut prices but I don't believe they can..." - Iomega's Caroline Oest.

"It's an unproven language. There aren't many major Java applications out there today. There are a lot of people playing with it but there are aren't any mission-critical applications written in Java." - Microsoft's Mike Pryke-Smith on Java.

"They have made an assumption that [ISPs] are publishers and that's not quite how we feel." - CompuServe's Pauline Blakemore on the police and media view of ISPs.

"The consumer market was a fait accomplis but there was no headlong rush to Windows 95 in business. I think there was a little bit of complacency at Microsoft." - Former Micrografx MD Joe Corr's view of the progress of the 40 million-selling Windows 95.

"CD-ROM is going to continue for another 12-24 months and after that DVD will make very fast inroads into the CD-ROM drive market. In the third or fourth quarter of 1997, rewriteable DVD will sound the death knell for CD-ROM." Hitachi's Peter Scatchard.

"Our vision was to give the computer sight." - Connectix's Juliette Lepoutre on the success of QuickCam.

"I don't think there are any fingers pointing at Bob." - Novell UK MD Tom Schuster on departing chief Frankenberg's record.


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