Quotes of the Week, September 9-13

"You'll start to see £5,000-6,000 notebooks disappear soon. Buyers won't pay that premium for desktop functionality on a mobile PC. Gone are the days of notebooks being toys for the boys." - Dell's Julian Phillips.
Written by Martin Veitch, Contributor

"It's about replacing big white boxes with small black ones." - Phillips displaying marketing nous.

"It gives code a brand name. You'd rather buy from Marks & Spencer than some guy down the market." - Microsoft's Mike Pryke-Smith on the sartorial advantages of CryptoAPI.

"They were our biggest rival in the UK." JetForm's Ray Mallendewicz on buying the Delrina FormFlow group.

"If it's a good technology a lot of people will be interested but I'd like to see it for myself." - Multitech's Dilip Mistry on the proposed 56,000bps modem standard.

"The difference is just some settings and its not clear that any of those are beneficial to a Web server." - O'Reilly's Andrew Schulman on NT Workstation and NT Server.

"I certainly don't have the libertarian 'hands off' position. On the other hand, I don't think 'kill Microsoft'. I'd just like Microsoft to change the way it does business, be more honest. I don't even think it's necessary for them to act that way. If they had a level playing field they'd still do fine. OK, so that's the fantasy." - Schulman regrets Microsoft's aggression.

"We were not looking for an acquisition. They came to us. Amstrad had turned into something quite different to a consumer electronics company. The strategic synergy would have been with DanCall, although we also liked Viglen." - Psion's Peter Norman on the acquisition that never happened.

"In some respects, we are larger than any of our competition, with more research and development, more products, more years of expertise. The chairman of Hewlett-Packard doesn't have sleepless nights about how HP is doing in handhelds." - Norman on how size is, or isn't, everything.

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