RadioShack offers iPhones for $4 less and calls it aggressive pricing

RadioShack offers iPhones for $4 less and calls it aggressive pricing.

RadioShack has announced that beginning this weekend it will be selling both the 3G and 3GS iPhones in its 3,000 stores nationwide. The company is slightly undercutting Apple with pricing planned at $95 for the 3G, and $195 for the 3GS (both with two-year contracts).

According to the company, it's offering

"some aggressive prices that we hope will create some buzz"

I'm not sure I'd call $4 off Apple's prices aggressive, but it's all in how it's marketed, I guess. As for RadioShack itself, I'm a long time lover of "The Shack", as the company is trying to have it be known, so if this latest marketing trick with the iPhone can keep the company alive, I applaud its efforts. Unfortunately, I just don't see people flocking to RadioShack for an iPhone. Then again, the company does offer a number of mobile phones for sale and seems to be doing pretty well with that, so perhaps the iPhone is just what it needs?


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