Ram's first battery-electric pickup truck makes its debut at CES

The long-anticipated Ram 1500 Revolution battery-electric vehicle will be entering production as soon as 2024.
Written by Sabrina Ortiz, Editor
The Ram 1500 Revolution under purple lighting

The Ram 1500 Revolution on the CES stage.

Image: Screenshot by Sabrina Ortiz/ZDNET

On Thursday at CES, Stellantis debuted the long-awaited Ram 1500 Revolution -- the electric version of the popular 1500 pickup truck. The electric truck is part of Stellantis' efforts to electrify a majority of its segments by 2025, and all of its segments no later than 2030.

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The Ram 1500 Revolution is set to enter into production in 2024 and will push the boundaries in range, towing, payload, and charge time, according to Stellantis. 

Ram 1500 Revolution concept in a pavilion with a view outside
Image: Stellantis

The exterior of the vehicle shows significant upgrades from the traditional Ram 1500 with a sleek, ultramodern design. The car has an all-new Ram brand face that reads RAM and has an animated full-LED "tuning fork" design. LED lights are also placed within the front bumper flares and taillamps. 

The Ram 1500 Revolution from a front view with lit design
Image: Screenshot by Sabrina Ortiz/ZDNET

The doors have a grand saloon-style design where they open away from each other, eliminating the need for a B-pillar and creating a bigger, more spacious opening. 

The Ram 1500 Revolution Cabin's interior with doors open
Image: Ram

The interior significantly departs from traditional designs with the removal of the center console, third-row jump seats, and a removable lower section that can be placed in the truck bed or outside of the vehicle.

All of these changes allow for a more customizable space that accommodates different seating configurations and for objects up to 18 feet long to fit in the trunk. At the CES event, Ram CEO Mike Koval Jr. joked that the customizable configuration will change tailgating forever. 

"At Ram, we've redefined what pickup trucks can be and will do so again by pushing past what competitors are offering by delivering the best electric pickups on the market," said Koval Jr.

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Some other bells and whistles of the truck include up to 28 inches of screen space, autonomous capabilities, exterior projectors, smart home controls, AR head-up displays, an all-glass ceiling, and digital sideview mirrors.  

The Ram 1500 Revolution's dashboard and interior
Image: Ram

The Ram 1500 will not be the first electric pickup truck to enter the market. Automakers such as Ford, Chevrolet, and Rivian have also announced electric pickup truck models, with some of them having already entered into production

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The leader in the electric vehicle production space, Tesla, announced its version of an electric pickup truck, the Tesla Cybertruck, as early as 2019. However, since then, it has experienced several setbacks. Production is now tentatively set to begin at the end of 2023. 

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