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Is real time management of virtualized resources combined with low cost enough to push VMTurbo onto the radar screen in a hotly contested market?
Written by Dan Kusnetzky, Contributor

How does an analyst spot a trend? One way is counting the number of suppliers that appear and announce something similar. The trend today is automating virtual datacenters. VMTurbo joined the growing crowd by announcing the VMTurbo Virtualization Management Suite a while back.

What VM Turbo has to say about its virtualization management suite

VMTurbo, provider of software to analyze, optimize and control the virtualized data center, today announced availability of the full VMTurbo Virtualization Management Suite.  Unique in its ability to turn insights into actions, VMTurbo pinpoints problems, identifies their impact and recommends corrective actions, which can be automated to ensure healthy and efficient virtual environments.

VMTurbo is the only virtualization management solution to:

  • Combine real-time operational performance metrics with unique analytics to drive a broad set of workload management actions that maintain virtual infrastructure operations within pre-defined performance constraints, in order to guarantee service levels and maximize the ROI of server, storage and data center facilities;
  • Deliver performance at lowest infrastructure cost by automating the decision of what workload to run where and when in order to maximize the ROI of virtualized and cloud environments, and reduce both operating and capital expenses;
  • Ensure ongoing pro-active management to maintain a healthy and efficient data center;
  • Support systemic life-cycle management of the data center via an integrated suite that helps administrators and IT leadership organize operational management into consistent integrated workflows.

The VMTurbo Virtualization Management Suite – which includes Monitor, Reporter, Planner and Optimizer modules – is packaged in a single virtual appliance, making it easy to deploy, configure, operate and upgrade. Installed in minutes, the appliance automatically discovers and then monitors and analyzes your virtual infrastructure.  A single virtual appliance can manage thousands of VMs across multiple Virtual Centers, scaling out for large and cloud environments.

Snapshot analysis

Many suppliers have launched new products designed to reduce the management burden created by an ever increasingly virtualized datacenter environment.  VMTurbo has joined the ranks of BMC, Embotics, HP, IBM, Microsoft, Netuitive, Splunk, vKernel, VMware and many others. The key challenge for a relative newcomer is finding a way to differentiate itself from the crowd and get on the industry's radar screen. No easy task if the marketing budget is tight. This is the challenge VMTurbo has taken up.

The key words that jump out at me in the release describing VMTurbo's Virtualization Management Solution are "real time," "low cost," and "integrated workflows." Key words I didn't see are "predictive analytics."

VMTurbo needs to quickly build its own ecosystem or make a place for itself in one created by another supplier. It also needs to clearly demonstrate how its approach is better or at least as good as other suppliers while being significantly less costly.

We'll have to wait and see if the company is able to do this.

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