Red Hat launches OpenShift on Google Cloud

Red Hat's Platform-as-a-Service cloud will now be supported on the Google Cloud Platform
Written by Steven Vaughan-Nichols, Senior Contributing Editor

Red Hat is expanding its OpenShift Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) cloud to the Google Cloud Platform. This move comes days after Red Hat completed bringing its JBoss software stack to OpenStack.

Red Hat OpenShift Cloud

Red Hat's OpenShift is now available on Google Cloud.

With this new public cloud offering, enterprise users will be able to to build, launch, and manage applications on OpenShift Dedicated with Google Cloud Platform as their underlying cloud infrastructure. OpenShift was already available on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Red Hat acts as a service provider with OpenShift Dedicated. With it, customers can focus on application development and deployment instead of administrative and operational management tasks. Since it's a public cloud offering, all the overhead work is done by Red Hat and Google, leaving you to focus on making the most of your containerized applications.

OpenShift Dedicated uses the same code base as Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform. Thus, you can easily move your workloads between public and private clouds. This, in turn, is based on Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL), Kubernetes container management, and Docker containers.

Kubernetes started life as a Google project. Google is still its primary developer, but Red Hat is its second largest contributor.

OpenShift Dedicated on Google Cloud Platform includes the following features:

  • Single-tenant isolation and a resource pool of 100GB SSD-based persistent storage, 48TB network IOPS, and nine nodes to deploy container-based applications.
  • Administrative and security controls, enabling customers to customize and more securely access their cloud environments using Virtual Private Network (VPN) and Google Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) functions.
  • Access to Red Hat JBoss Middleware container-optimized services, integration and business process capabilities from applications developed and deployed on OpenShift.
  • Availability across all six worldwide Google regions.
  • Integration with Google Cloud services, including Google Cloud PubSub, Google Big Query, and Google Cloud Big Table.

As a managed service, Red Hat also offers consulting to help customers migrate container workloads; adopt continuous delivery and DevOps processes; and build microservices-based apps with OpenShift Dedicated on Google Cloud Platform. In addition, via Red Hat Open Innovation Labs and Red Hat Consulting, the Linux giant can help customers build the right mix of private and public cloud services.

OpenShift Dedicated on the Google Cloud should prove to be a powerful combination. As Ashesh Badani, Red Hat's OpenShift vice president and general manager, said in a statement, "With OpenShift Dedicated, OpenShift serves as the abstraction layer that works across multiple clouds. By expanding [it] to include Google Cloud Platform, our customers' apps ... can also take advantage of Google Cloud Services. [This furthers] our vision for a truly portable platform across the multiple cloud and infrastructure platforms."

It should also prove to be very attractive for corporate customers. Martin Buhr, a Google strategic product manager, said in a blog post: "We often hear from customers that they need open-source tools that enable their applications across both their own data centers and multiple cloud providers. Our collaboration with Red Hat around Kubernetes and OpenShift, is a great example of how we're committed to working with partners on open hybrid solutions."

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