Reddit is getting a TikTok-like vertical video feed. Here's how you can watch

Reddit will soon be undergoing platform updates that will spruce up the app's interface, including a TikTok look-alike feed.
Written by Sabrina Ortiz, Editor
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Since TikTok gained the massive popularity it has, nearly every social media platform has found a way to incorporate short-form vertical video onto its platform. 

On Wednesday, Reddit announced it is hopping on the bandwagon. Reddit will soon have a Watch feed which will showcase vertical video. 

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The demo of the new feature shows that the feed will work much like TikTok's, using upward swipes to scroll through different videos. 


A new Read feed will also be coming soon which is meant to optimize how user's browse through text content.

Some changes will also be coming to the interface of the app to optimize user experience focusing on a decluttered, easier to navigate interface. One of the changes will be the ability for users to search within post comments. 

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If you prefer to browse through Reddit on your desktop, you can expect to see some improvements there too. Reddit shares that "soon", which seems to be the keyword word for all the updates, an updated web platform will be released that includes chat enhancements, an updated video player, storefront updates, and more. 

Although the actual details for a release date were not shared, if you are a dedicated Redditor who wants to access the updates as soon as they happen, you can join r/reddit to get the latest news on product updates. 

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