Remember that demented WHS box, Kraken? RIP, snap, crackle and pop

Been doing a lot of reading and programming both at home and the office. VB.
Written by Xwindowsjunkie , Contributor

Been doing a lot of reading and programming both at home and the office. VB.Net(2005) at the office and C at home, its enough to make you a little schizo! Anyway, been reading security notices about various Windows Server products. Well what do you know? They've discovered a serious kernel flaw in Win2003 Server, the basis for the Windoze Home Server. Needless to say, I'm ever so happy I didn't get snookered into putting one of those things on the net!

Well time to microwave the WHS DVD, 5 seconds on High and its gone. Neat lighting and sound effects. Best way I've found to destroy a CD or a DVD and the most satisfying way I've found to "celebrate" a real dud.

Finally got MySQL server to work on Debbie. Had to completely uninstall it, delete the config files and remove it from the cache. Then use apt-get to bring it back from the Internet repository. That did the fix on MySQL. I suspect that I could get Bacula to work now. That will happen after I figure out a means of backing up the hard drives first. I've got a lot of time and energy invested in her now and I don't want to screw it up.

Cindy, my desktop Debian 4.0 box, works pretty well for a P3 and 256MB of ram. I started working the image down to a minimal configuration so it would be a little faster. I wonder what it would take to just run FireFox (Iceweasel) on top of X and dumping the Gnome desktop?

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